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International Students and Scholars Services offers various cross-cultural programsand activities in which you can be involved. Don’t miss these opportunities to make your learning experience at WVU a most memorable one. ISSS is a symbol of the diversity at WVU and of the opportunity that WVU students have to expand their knowledge about the world.

Get involved! While you’re here, have some fun – tell us what activities you’re interested in as a participant or as a volunteer.

New Student Orientation Program

Held each spring and fall semester, introduces new students to the University and the community. Students receive information ranging from immigration regulations and course selection to housing advice. Student assistants lead small groups of new students at orientation and remain in contact to offer assistance and friendship throughout your stay at WVU. During orientation, you may find information on health care, insurance coverage, driver’s licensing procedures, and English language program referrals for spouses. WVU requires all international students to obtain health insurance coverage.

Fitting in to the U.S. Culture

One of the major challenges international students face is differences and difficulties in cultural encounters. Initiatives such as “fitting-in” workshops covering a broad base of topics such as Appalachian culture, the U.S classroom expectations, understanding diverse social and cultural values, knowing your rights as a student, and diversity in America provide an avenue for discussions on cultural similarities and dissimilarities. More information will be available soon.

The Mentoring Program

“Culture shock” is a real phenomenon experienced by many international students as they adjust to a new environment, climate, diet, culture, country, and institutional rules and regulations. The International Student Assistant Mentor program cannot claim that new international students will never suffer a bout of culture shock if they participate in the mentor program. However, International Student Assistant Mentors help to make the academic, personal, and social adjustment of many of our new students easier with the care and attention they bestow upon them. The experience that mentors have to offer as upper-class students is invaluable.

Alumni Program

Mountaineer Ambassadors serve as contacts for alumni located in a geographical area that may not have enough alumni to support a chapter. We do however realize the importance for alumni representation worldwide. The duties of a Mountaineer Ambassador are to assist the national Alumni Association and aid in determining the needs of alumni in their area.

Friends of International Students & Scholars

Friends of International Students & Scholars is one of several community programs= for international students and scholars sponsored by our office. This program offers friendship, hospitality and a chance to learn about American life outside the classroom. Although this is not a housing program, American hosts invite their students and scholars at least once a month to participate in typical activities such as informal meals, holiday celebrations, sports events and short trips.

The International Homestart Closet

This program, now housed in International Students and Scholars Services and run by its staff and volunteers, provides help to newly arrived international students and scholars. Household items such as linens, kitchen equipment, dishes and cleaning equipment are available and can be requested by filling out an online form.

Family Trips

International Students and Scholars Services also organizes trips and activities for families several times a semester. Information about the trips will be sent to our email list about two weeks before each event and registration is handled electronically. If you have questions or need current information, contact Becky McDaniel at

Women Across Cultures

Women Across Cultures is open to spouses of students, scholars and faculty as well as community members who share a common interest in learning about other cultures. The group meets every week during the academic year to socialize, visit places around the Morgantown area and practice English. Transportation, parking and babysitting may be available to participants.

International Student Organization

A social club for international students and all students interested in international affairs. The ISO holds regular meetings and events during the academic year. Check the website for more information.

The International Dinner

An annual event organized by the International Student Organization. The community is invited to enjoy the cuisine and performances from different parts of the world. This event is held in early Spring.

The International Cultural Education Program

This program has developed over the years through the requests of public schools, academic departments and community organizations for speakers from different countries. Through this program, you will have a unique opportunity to share information about your culture, as well as personal experiences, with local children.

The International Festival

A all-day event held in the early Fall for the entire community, now in conjunction with the City of Morgantown. It is a great opportunity for you to be an ambassador of your own country. Students have cultural displays and items/food for sale, there is entertainment throughout the day, and the festival is visited by hundreds of public school children. It is one of our best attended events.

Intramural Sports

Are you interested in playing baseball, racquetball, soccer, volleyball or one of many other team sports? This site will help you find a team. Use your Mix address to sign in.