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WVU has many support services for its students! Please see some of the websites and PDFs for more information below.

WVU Student Engagement

Offers information on student involvement activities, leadership development, student organizations, and the food pantry for students in need.

WVU Current Students

Offers campus-wide information, including: PRT Status,

WVU Campus Community & Life

Offers resources for students who commute, off-campus housing, student legal services, and issue with student absences.

WVU Information Technology Services (ITS)

Offers resources for a variety of technology issues and also offers software that is either low or no cost.

WVU Student Family Resources

Offers resources for student parents.

Be Aware of Online/Telephone Scams and Identity Theft

Please refer to this PDF if you believe you are being targeted by scammers and to learn how to handle the situation.

WVU Academic Integrity Information