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H-1B Sponsorship

H-1B Petition Requirements for Hiring Departments

Please complete and submit the documentation in the order listed below. The order is dictated by the U.S. government processing times. All steps need to be completed by the deadlines stated below (unless otherwise stated in the H-1B initiation email).

Step 1: H-1B Wage (must be completed within 2 weeks of case initiation email)

Submit all H-1B wage documentation to Angela Reh at

  1. Prevailing Wage
  2. Actual Wage

Step 2: Deemed Export Attestation (must be completed within 4 weeks of case initiation email)

The hiring department must apply for a Deemed Export Attestation. ISSS will not submit the H-1B petition to USCIS until it has received a Deemed Export Attestation from the Export Control Office. Please follow the application instructions below:

  • For detailed instructions or questions about applying for a Deemed Export Attestation, please refer to the Export Control Office at WVU here - 

Step 3: Other required documentation (must be completed within 4 weeks of case initiation email)

  • Submit the following documentation to assigned Case Manager (Doina Jikich, Kelley Rice, Angela Reh, or Elisa Facetti).

Step 4: H-1B Petition Fees (must be completed within 4 weeks of case initiation email)

  • Submit documentation below  to assigned Case Manager (Angela Reh, Elisa Facetti, Kelley Rice, or Manuel Soto Casanova).
  • H-1B petition fees are the responsibility of the hiring department and need to be handled requested through Mountaineer MarketPlace (please see instructions).
  • Fee Amounts:
    • Basic Fee: $460
    • Anti-Fraud Fee: $500.00 (only for initial petitions/NEW hires)
    • *Premium Processing: $1,410.00