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Global Affairs Merit Awards

International students with exemplary academic merit may qualify for supplemental scholarship support from the Office of Global Affairs.


  • Must be directly admitted into West Virginia University, without condition
  • Must be a full-time, degree-seeking student on an F-1 or J-1 student visa
  • Eligible only to undergraduate, first-time freshmen
  • Must qualify for a WVU Climb Higher Scholarship.
  • Must maintain a 2.75 GPA and earn 30 credit hours per academic year for renewal (a maximum of four years)
  • Scholarship can only be used for tuition and fees -- if a surplus of aid is present, a refund of unused funds will not be issued.



  • Level 1: $8,000 per year (two awards per year)
  • Level 2: $6,000 per year (four awards per year)
  • Level 3: $4,000 per year (seven awards per year)

Apply Now

The Global Affairs International Merit Scholarship aims to provide funding for international students in an effort to increase the profile and diversity of WVU’s student body. A qualitative assessment of applicants will aim to provide funding for students of:

  • Exceptional academic merit, to improve the academic profile of the University
  • Underrepresented areas, where there does not exist a substantial population of current WVU students
  • Diverse populations, in order to further build the diversity of the University