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On-Campus Housing


First year students are required to live in the residence halls. Third and fourth year students are permitted to live off campus (rental properties) however, it is recommended for all new undergraduate students to live in the residence halls for at least the first year.

The residence hall leases (contracts) are valid for one academic year and include a meal plan (meals are provided). The recommended meal plan is the Mountaineer (20 meals per week). For more information on meal plans visit the following link:

Undergraduate Residence Halls will open for early move-in for those students who have submitted their housing applications, and paid deposit. Room assignments are on a first come first served basis. To be assigned a room, students are required to complete their housing applications and pay a housing deposit through

The undergraduate residence halls are closed during school breaks for a couple of weeks. During these times students are required to find alternate housing. Students may request accommodation for holiday housing through the housing office or by indicating that they will require holiday housing on their housing contracts.

Graduate Students

On campus housing is available for graduate students through University Apartments at College Park, University Park, University Place and Vandalia Apartments. The leases(contracts) are valid for one academic year and do not include a meal plan (meals are not provided). The apartments are open during school breaks, therefore finding alternate housing is not necessary. For more information go to

Off-Campus Housing

Most graduate students and upperclassmen undergraduate students live off campus (rental properties). Rental leases (contracts) once signed are typically valid for one year with minimal to no chance of getting out of the contract without a costly legal battle. Before signing a lease it is highly recommended to have the student legal office go over the lease with you to make sure you fully understand it. For more information on off-campus housing and student legal services visit the links below:
    • Off Campus Housing Resources can be found at
    • Student Legal Services can be found at

NOTE: Students who have not made prior housing arrangements, or who will not be able to immediately move into their apartments or residence hall rooms, or who have late night arrivals are STRONGLY advised to have some extra spending money for hotel accommodation and meals. Hotel costs vary from approximately 65.00 dollars per day and above.

Students with specific physical needs should contact the Office of Accessibility Services to obtain academic, housing, or transportation accommodations. Please call(304) 293-6700 or visit to begin the process.