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Non-Teaching Positions

Step 1: Please submit DRAFTS of the following documents to the case manager:

  1. Notice of Filing on department letterhead must be posted for ten (10) consecutive business days (weekends and WVU holidays excluded) at the worksite(s)
  2. A Recruitment Report signed by the Chair of the search committee outlining the steps leading to the selection

Step 2: Please submit copies of the following documents to Case Manager:

  1. Employment-Position Information
  2. Copy of the job order placed with the SWA for 30 days
  3. Copy of two print advertisements, which were placed in TWO consecutive Sunday editions of a newspaper with general circulation in the area of intended employment (e.g. for Morgantown Campus would use the Dominion Post)
  4. Three additional recruitment steps must be taken. You must choose three from the following:
    • Job fairs
    • Employer’s website
    • Job search website (such as or
    • On-campus recruitment
    • Trade or professional organizations
    • Private employment firms
    • Employee referral program
    • Campus placement offices
    • Local and ethnic newspapers
    • Radio and television advertisements

Please contact the case manager with any questions you may have.