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WVU Advisors, Faculty, and Administration

Do you have a sponsored international student that has particular needs or requires specialized services? Send them our way!

Our students often have specific reporting requirements for their sponsors. Our office will provide these individualized services as long as their information is reflected in Degree Works or by their academic advisor.

Students can make a request online for any type of reporting or letter by requesting an Academic Report from our website or by clicking here >> Academic Report

An Academic Report includes, but is not limited to:

  • Registration Verification of Enrollment
  • Non-Traditional (Online) Course Verification
  • Non-Traditional (Online) Course Permission
  • Extension of scholarship request
  • Major change approval
  • Class withdrawal approval
  • Program Evaluation – analysis of degree progress
  • Explanation of Majors (including Pre majors)
  • Explanation of Invoice
  • Any other specialized request or need for an Embassy or Sponsor

How can you help?Our office may reach to you to provide information not listed in DegreeWorks or to approve a plan of study.

Interested in learning more about sponsored students or international students in general? Contact us to schedule a meeting or set up a workshop.

Interested in getting involved with international students on our campus? Plan an event with your international advisees or attend an event hosted by the Office of Global Affairs.

Please contact us via email, phone, or in person: 102 Purinton House 1505 University Ave Morgantown, WV 26506 304-293-9833