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Registration and Tuition

Class Registration

Graduate Students

Graduate students can register for classes online with the help of departmental advisors. Please contact your department or departmental advisor for more information and guidance. Graduate students are required to register for at least 9 credit hours to maintain full-time status during the fall/spring semesters.

Please note: If your first semester begins in summer, you must enroll full-time for the first summer semester as well.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students will register for classes on during the orientation session. Undergraduate academic advisors from various departments and the University College will be present to assist with class registration. Undergraduate students are required to register for at least 12 credit hours during the fall/spring semesters to maintain full-time status. To progress in a timely manner towards completing a degree in 4 years, it is recommended that students take 15 credit hours per semester.

Please note: If your first semester begins in summer, you must enroll full-time for the first summer semester as well.

Undergraduate ALEKS Placement Exam (Math & Chemistry)

Undergraduate students are required to take the ALEKS test prior to meeting with an academic advisor to schedule their classes. Students who have checked in at Purinton House prior to attending international student orientation will be automatically pre-registered for the test. Your student ID number and a photo I.D is required to take the test. Any student who is unable to attend international student orientation and misses taking the test is required to self-register for a later date. For more information on the ALEKS test, sample questions, and self-registration where necessary go to Math Placement Test Information.

NOTE: Registration of classes will generate a tuition invoice in your STAR/Mix account. The last day to pay invoices is before the first day of classes in each semester.

Tuition Payment

Whether paying out of pocket (family funded), or using a third-party sponsor, (sponsored students) managing your student account is the responsibility of every WVU student. Family Funded Students – Various options are available for students to make payments to their student accounts. For more information on payment options go to Student Account Payment Options.

Sponsored Students

Make sure a valid financial guarantee from your sponsor is submitted to the student accounts office before the first day of school. For more information on submitting your financial guarantee go to Third Party Billing Information.


If you have requested deferment to start school at a later semester than the one you were initially admitted for, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have withdrawn from all classes which you may have registered for. Failure to do so prior to the beginning of the semester will generate an invoice which you may be responsible to pay.

Academic Deposits

The academic deposit required of undergraduate students secures your place in the upcoming semester and is credited toward any tuition or fees you may owe. Paying your academic deposit also ensures that you will continue receiving important new student information from WVU and access to your housing application.

Note: The deposit is fully refundable provided a written request for a refund is received by December 1 for spring term enrollment and May 1 for fall term enrollment.

It is important to pay your deposit in a timely manner so as to access other institutional systems such as housing applications. For payments instructions go to Paying academic deposits.