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Health Insurance

It is WVU policy that ALL international students have medical health insurance which includes evacuation/repatriation coverage. WELLWVU and the WVU official Health insurance provider, Aetna is responsible for the monitoring and verification of international students’ required health insurance. It is the student’s responsibility to comply with U.S, University and Aetna regulations as they relate to health insurance. 

International students can either privately purchase health insurance that is comparable to the WVU Aetna Health Insurance or they will be automatically enrolled in and charged in the WVU Aetna Health Insurance Plan. Students with privately purchased health insurance are required to submit and be granted a waiver from the WVU Aetna Insurance coverage. 
For more information on the Aetna Health Insurance waiver go to Student Insurance 

Students with Graduate Assistantships, Graduate Teaching Assistantships or Graduate Research Assistantships will be provided health insurance by their departments as part of their employment benefits. 

If you have further questions, please contact the WVU Student Insurance Office..